Friday, May 29, 2009

In a fashionable way

Our graduation show will be on the 3rd of June, coming Wednesday.
Sad to say, each student are only entitled 4 tickets. Why can't they sell tickets to the public?? Hmmms, i'm willing to buy them for my friends to attend. But but.. the exhibition booth on the next gallery is open to the public! Admission is free. We'll be there on the 2nd June till 4th of June 2009 so.....


We'll be more than happy to entertain you!! Bring your gfs/bfs, friend's friends and anybody whos interested along. =] This is an opportunity for all the prettys and handsomes to 'fish' for some unique works at a very reasonable price to add to their wardrobe ensemble. We'll be selling off our outfits and as well as our accessories too. Isn't this a good deal? Sounds cool right?
So come down and see our pretty faces too.

The invite to the degree student's fashion show on the following day of our grad show.
I can't imagine June 2010 will be my degree fashion shoooow!..
This is a bullet train degree.


Had our models fitting last week, i have quite a short memory so can't remember which day was it... wednesday or a thursday? Most of us got 'whacked' by our lecturers that morning coz none of us were there at 9am but i was lucky enough that i skipped through the tongue of war that day. Reached at about 11 sharp, all the menwear and womenswear groups were already in the big changing rooms with their models.. so does our group.

Messy and messy.. I felt a little panicky as i'm unsure of which outfit to go first thus ive gotta leave that to Sher and Joe to handle. I took up the photographer role again. YES.I'm a happy girl playing with Joe's new love, his Canon D50 DSLR camera. Before our graduation show starts, theres still quite a handful of tasks like doing the exhibition booth, press kits, press release and door gifts to be finished. So far so good, we're working well with our tight schedule and I really hope we'll excel in the graduation show if we didn't do well for our assessment.

I've stamp a reserved sign on the degree seats mid of this week.
Paid that thousand over deposit and I have a peace of mind
Finally and luckily.

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