Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recent Happenings.

I'm walking through another DAMN HAPPENING phase of my life.
Preparing for my 21st birthday, our fashion show and I need to settle and pay my degree deposit by next Friday.

God promises will sustain us and draw us into abundant life.

All thanks to Joe, we managed to have a decent photo shoot in the studio itself with 2 professional models from mannequin studio. We were told that the model agency used to promote their Brazilian models but this time round we are indeed very lucky to have Pan-asian models


Paul Foster came. *SMILE

I'll be holding my garden party this Saturday and I hope all my invited guests will be able to make it.. and i guess my house will be damn crowded with people. =]


My Birthday Invitation Card

Mama bought me a new shelving =]

Spot him in Channel 5's Red Thread
We're so fortunate to have Paul to model for us =]

Don't be shy shermaine.. haha

Pedro loafers leh.. so?

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