Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Books that worth your pennies

Just finished reading ( The Mile Hi! Club Memoirs of a Stewardess ) that I've bought from a local bookstore a month ago. This book got me laughing my ass off and almost had a nightmare after reading that particular chapter on strange encounters.. erm.. last but at least the story ended in a very positive way. Three cheers for the writer! .. What attracted me to get this book? Well, I should say its the cover page that that is forever 'waving' to me. Haha. I was searching high and low for some interesting stories at 35 000 feet high and wella, not to my disappointment.. I've found the right book to entertain myself. Claudia got the book for herself after my recommendation and then I've found that my book was the first batch and it was one of the best sellers in the local bookstore..

After reading, I realized that my 3 years of schooling life was somewhat similar to that of her green horn days slogging in that particular airline. Looking back at how I survived the 3 years of studying in the fashion faculty ... I can't imagine where on earth did I plucked the guts to go through them. Whats more, I've got another year with the school for a money-sucking degree.
Perhaps it is still early to conclude my years studying in the school, but I'm still a human -being with feelings. Imagine you were sitting down with your lecturer in a confine room and that lecturer was marveling at the fabrics that you've bought and asked you to use one of the nicest fabric among the rest for your dress. After a month, you're done with your supposed to be pretty dress.. both of you met up again for a short consultation and there the lecturer was shaking his/she heads vigorously telling you that the particular fabric he/she marvelled a month ago looks utterly ugly and can be thrown to the bin immediately. Then can I asked, what is your immediate reaction? This had happened to almost every single student in the school. 'Hats off to that.'

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