Sunday, June 07, 2009

Everything in its time

I'm done with my diploma and moving on to the next, which is also the last phase of my education. I was excited at the very moment when I saw the letter of offer for my degree programme placed right in front of my eyes but in the same time worries, uncertainties and all the negative thoughts filled my entire mind. 'STOP IT' I told myself. For a few seconds not knowing what to do next, I prayed. Faith with God is the only thing I needed the most. I guess i'm lucky and blessed in a way that God is always giving my strength to carry on when i'm drained out and when in times of difficulties, theres always a solution to solve the problems.

Remember : Everything in its time

I'm so gonna slack till 20th July before school starts again and i can't wait for all the fun that i've missed for the past few months. My dearest sis 'abandoned' her two sweet sisters to Taiwan with her boyfriend and colleagues yesterday... I will miss her for 7 days! This weekend was a well-spent one, yesterday was out with Edison and my younger sister to catch Night at the Museum after sending my sister and his family off to Taiwan. Just came back from Novena Square after a scrumptous BBQ meal at the Han Sang Korean Family restuarant. Thumbs up for their service and the quality of food they served. The whole resturant was more premium than the other Korean restuarants in Novena Square. I'm a Chigae and Bibimbap lover.. !! Especially love Doenjang Chigae( Bean Paste Soup)......

PLAY THE SIMS 3 GUYS!!! .. haha..i've got a uber cute sims3 Plumbo. Love it!

After my haircut

@ Han Sang Korean Family Restaurant
The appetizer

BBQ marinated black pig meat plus the premium beef ribs..
simply delicious with fresh lettuces wrap over.

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