Sunday, June 28, 2009

The happy girl's skinfood.

Saturday was a crazy day. I felt like a spoilt little girl because I've got and cleared most of the cosmetics and skincare products that was previously on my shopping list. The few of us went gaga over Etude House at Plaza Singapura this afternoon. I didn't know that Etude House has a flagship store in Singapore until about three days ago. I was shouting to my sisters about the launch of the store on 3rd of June!.. I'm also a big fan of Etude House ..........We were stucked in the flagship store for about half an hour and we walked out from the stores with their pretty products and whats more?.. their membership cards.

So wanna share with everyone about the skincare products that i've bought previously overseas. Hopefully my words will help all the pretty ladies to find the right products for each individuals.

Let me start with the wonderful BB Cream.

The girl's bestfriend and say goodbye to troubles. I'm using BB creams from two brands; Magic BB cream from Etude House which I've bought from Kuala Lumpur, Enfleur BB cream from faceshop during my trip to Korea few months back.

The BB cream on the left leaves a more natural color tone on your skin ( for oily skin) whereas the BB cream from the right gives you a better coverage and you'll look fairer with it. ( for normal skin.) If you do not own a sun block balm, the blue bottle with SPF 30 indication is worth buying BUT there's one factor to consider.. it does not gives as much coverage as the other two bottles.

Bought those from KL.
The prices are slightly steeper in Singapore as compared to Malaysia.
The white eye glower cost about SGD$6++ in Malaysia after converting and it went up to SGD9.90 in Singapore. I'll recommend their eye glower but try to avoid their eye liner. It is not smudge proof =[

Here's my skin care collection from Thefaceshop which I've bought from Seoul. From what I've heard, they are not going to launch The Odbo series to the rest of the countries simply because they wanna keep the best of their products within their country. I would strongly recommend all the below products below just because they are GOOD! .. The moisturizer is one of the best that I've ever used coz' it dosen't gives you oily finishing after applying, comparative but slightly better than Su-hyang Snow moisturizer.

A big thanks to Edison and his colleague and i've got my masks and blusher replenished.. all the way from Seoul... =] Guess how much the blusher cost in South Korea?? Less than 5 or 6 sing dollars!! The local store retails at $19.90.. big big difference.

Happy girl needs a good rest now.

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