Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shower me with happiness..

School starts tomorrow officially and this yaya papaya is still not in the mood of going back to studies. There's a sudden urge of me running away from the reality. What's the use of running away of all the challenges ahead of me??? These are all solid paths that will eventually lead me to a better future. OUT YOU GO THE DEMON OF STUPIDITY!

Things are going well for the past few weeks and I really enjoyed what I've done so far. Oh, I'll be away for a bible seminar this weekend with my sisters at St Mary of the angels. Its a seminar for all the believers as well as the non believers. Sis saw that it was beneficial for us so immediately she reserved our seats for that seminar. Strange that why out of so many people walking and wandering around, the in charge approached us so naturally? Both of us were quite surprised and happy that God had actually heard our prayer! My sis were discussing with me whether to attend bible studies on our way to the church and YES! We've got our answer fast and good. Thank you God.

Chill out session after Ming's 21st party at 3monkeys cafe/pub. Si ling was attracted by the huge monkey mascot displayed at the entrance of this cafe cum pub. The decor looks very much like the zoo or safari's cafe. We were served by a set of friendly crews each wearing different sets of uniforms. I would definitely visit this place again in Holland Village, another good option besides our usual Essential Brew.

MING'S 21st party!

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