Sunday, July 05, 2009

Long day out.

It took me 2 months to watch this korean drama, Cinderella man. Got stuck at episode 4 and i'm slowly picking up again. They have nice songs for the drama and so i've got 10 other nice songs to listen. =] Woke up at about on a sunny saturday and was out with my meimei and Edison for mac breakfast then met up with Alicia and Christina at Jurong Point while waiting for my parents to join us. We were at the pet shop watching their little treasure -Lucky, for pet grooming. Ahh, he's a handsome 3 year old Shih tzu after the 2 hours of grooming. They got him a bigger plastic portable fencing, biscuits and a comfy cushion. As what my sis and I commented, Lucky is a 好命狗。Haha.. can't wait to play with him when I see him next wed, 1st thing he'll do when he sees me, - HUG MY LEG! (infact.. he does this to every visitors) ...=]

We've officially classified few of the days in the week an important days for a meet up ...
Every Wednesday - Pei Jun and Alicia Day
Every Saturday- take-picia day

Time to get some rest...

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