Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Break Free

This is another beautiful song composed by Corrinne May. I feel at eased listening to her songs, it comforts me when I'm discouraged and it also brightens my day ahead.

Wikipedia quotes: "much of her music has been inspired by her relationship with God". Yes, this is another obvious reason of me listening to her songs. 'Free' .... This song means so much to me, so much so that the whole song summarized my inner thoughts and feelings. That particular word also reflects on what I'm gonna research on for my marketing project..........

I see the morning glory
It winds upon the tree
It tells the untold story of how things were meant to be
You saw the universe
Caught up in desperate dreams
You came and changed the ending
Changed it to save my fate
You led the revolution
You left your legacy
Embraced the struggle
in the face of mortality
I know I'm not alone in this
Help me believe

I can be free
I can be free from this place
Beautiful healer
Beautiful grace
Help me to see
Everything fall into place
Wake me from dreaming
No more deceiving
Break these chains

It's still the same old story
This great divide
Between the want and waste
And all the hunger inside
I heard the news today
Now I'm trying to find my place
I'm just a single voice
What can I do to erase

All this misunderstanding
All this anarchy
Six degrees of separation
Sometimes it's so hard to see
That we are not alone in this
I need to believe

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