Thursday, January 07, 2010

Counting down; 19 days

We've made a wrong choice going to Tampines's IKEA this evening, could'nt even find a seat for dinner. But its okay, we've bought quite a number of stuffs there. I'm amused by how my new toy can assist me in future report writing, cushioned laptop support from IKEA. No more sitting at my desk dreading to finish my reports... =]

January to June's schedule are kinda packed with my school and traveling. Activities that were lined up in January are going to fly pass me with lightning speed. I'm also counting down to important events like photoshoot, internal assessment, 21st birthday parties, study trip and CNY trip. Well, i'm proud to be co-party planner for Karinda and Mandy's 21st party on 23th and 24th this month. Been trying my best to buy some necessities for my study trip, its getting nearer.... excited? erm.. I don't know. I wish to travel light, therefore can't afford to bring my favourite ultra huge Samsonite suitcase. It's okay.. as long as there's no flight delay when I'm back coz I've got a flight to catch on the same day with my family. Cool, no idea how tired am I on that day... 'Jet lag' will be haunting me for a day or two. Mum told me that she's worried for me due to the bad weather in the Northern Hemisphere.. =[

That's my new friend.

Friday's lunch with the two lovelies..

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Jasmine said...

Hello, may i know where is this jap restaurant located at? Thanks lots