Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspirations please.

Been wanting to shop for whatever that pleases my sinful eyes. Gosh.. I've yet to shop for myself ever since errr.. my Europe trip a couple of months back, reason being- a big portion of my money went into 'investing' on my major honours collection. Shopping for shoes that matches well with the collection outfits was'nt an easy task for me last few weeks but thank God, managed to find the CLOGS that looks like the Chanel's five-o-clogs in their S/S 2010 collection and a few similar pairs of lace booties. They're all gonna be my new shoes sooooon. Officially graduating on the 3rd of June, which is the coming Thursday; on the day of my graduation fashion show and will be having our annual convocation on August.

Anyway, graduation = jobless. I'm in a state of confusion BUT... confusion is good in some ways, it opens many other opportunities that I've yet to discover. The outcomes of confusion often surprises me in different ways. Hooray. I wanna get lost in a 'mysterious and beautiful' way.

22nd Birthday with my family

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