Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Those were the days, back in 1960s to 1970s.
These were kept in the cupboard for about 40 years and I thought it would be nice to blog about the fashion and lifestyles that during that era.
Photos of my mum (on the left) in her early twenties and friends taken by my dad when they still in high school. Dad loves photography since young and he's always on the move for photo shoots. Not only photography was his free lance job, he's a fine art graduate as well. Hmms, I guess music was not his forte. Oops! (I love my dad!)
Mum 'modeled' for him whenever they were out with some serious dating.
I envied my mum cause she has got new outfit each time she was out with my dad.
Reason being, she's a tailor-she did those outfits herself, that was the norm for ladies to tailor outfits for themselves instead of buying one.

Sis and I were laughing at this picture, thats my dad playing his guitar happily at the war memorial site. Initially, I thought he was at the graveyard.
Well, at least my dad enjoyed his youth.

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