Monday, July 19, 2010

Food Expedition: 007

Once again, we decided to visit one of our favourite Chinese cuisine, Pu Tien @ Vivocity. So what's that special aura that attracted us initially? Ambience and deco. Thumbs up for their oldies deco that speaks up for the brand. Don't see it as an usual Chinese seafood restaurant, they serve more of home cook style dishes that will definitely make your tongue dance like never before. Homely, is the word. Forget about seeing red in their brand, no no.. and they have a rather strong branding concept ( corporate colours used ) that really differentiate themselves to their close competitors. I like that. For the fact that we are considered one of their regular customers, we decided to add a few more dishes than those usual ones that we've never fail to order.

The best cockles I've ever tasted- chilled cockles with diced garlic, red& green chilli padi. One of the best Chinese appetizer that you'll pop in for more, okay, provided you are also a cockles lover- like my Dino sis, whom will always crave and dream of eating cockles be it in school or asleep.

An average seafood fried rice.

This is the one, my super love dish. Deep fried yam paste w/ succulent duck meat. That's enough to make me screammmmm.. !

Signature dish, Xing Hua Vermicelli

Part two of my weekend food expedition 007. Tigger Sis brought us to this kind of famous dessert shop, Honeymoon Hong Kong Dessert; Man Ji @ Vivocity, level 1.
I call myself a SWEET-TOOTH'ER, that's a new term besides Boomz and Shingz okay?
So, what's for dessert?

Sinful, Sinful sweets, stuffed with loads of cream and a generous amount of durian.

I'll pay $2.80 for this bowl of red bean soup, why? The soup base is so damn thick, its way better than those in the food court dessert counters. Cannot blame those pathetic one dollar plus red bean soup, coz' its only a dollar and a plus.

A combination of walnut paste and red bean soup.

Mango puree and bean curd.

Verdict: Worth trying. (That's obvious right, why blog about them anyway?)


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