Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage Polka . . . .

Another of my wardrobe classic- Vintage Polka Dot full skirt, was once my mum's favourite until it was passed down to me few years back. This Dottie skirt was about close to 20 years old from the day of purchase. Nothing really strikes me that very morning, decided to go along with a dull and laid back look. Then, as I was doing some reflections, I came to another conclusion that it was through the random walking around that triggers my 'basically-slacking-mind'... and Thumbelina sis was kinda amazed by most of my crazy ideas. She can't help it but to burst into laughter as if I was telling her some jokes. Hey, but I was serious you know. I felt more like a sales representative trying to convince her of my silly and crazy products. Ahha, those thoughts are just my type of cotton candies that could 'feed' my brain in order to stay healthy and happy.

*Perhaps I should do out a maxi polka dot skirt and place it in a time capsule....... and, wait for another twenty years go by. +++

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