Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I don't want to be a sleeping beauty.........

My new eye shield for the late nights. It gets so annoying that you just can't get to sleep with the glaring light when your partner doesn't allow you to off the lights. This will be my best sleeping partner for a win-win situation. Dino sis once laughed at me ' You can save electric bills for your future house! ..'You know what I mean right? Grrr.. Well, although there are always annoying things like this happening around us - to irritate us. We can choose to turn away from them that leads us to anger and frustration. What's the point of holding all those little grudges that will pollute your mind in one way or another? After all, all things will pass. Seriously, Daddy J's words are so powerful that they worked in me. I saw the changes in me, surrounding me... only when you've got to be open minded. I'm not sure whether does all these changes are radical or not.. but I'm sure ultimately these are the little steps to prepare me to handle bigger tasks in days to come. Also, the change is not something that drags you to do the task.. it is something that motivates you to do subconsciously- in love. I'm amazed by the wonderful works He has planned for me. Many thanks, Daddy J.+++

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