Monday, November 22, 2010

No gift is too small

Random scribbling of my funny squatting pose.

Before I could breathe my next breath, I realized my pretty calendar( that I once afraid to count the days) are almost packed with events, big and small. How did I do that?.. I don't know, I guess there are all accumulations and results of daily email and SMS correspondences since the start of October. As we're going to prepare ourselves for the next year to come, I had a sudden chill down my spine- next year is going to be a big woo-ha year for me and Thumbelina Sis. By the grace of Daddy J, I hope that everything will be right and just. So in short, I'll be busy after such a long break. Its time for me to get off my comfort zone and I've to gather all my courage to continue this journey.

As for now, I'm grateful and thankful that I've gotten a job offer where I could make use of my gifts, talents, time and resources to help little ones to develop their creativity. This unexpected offer came to me like a big gift, just in time to save myself from being an impatient person. Another prayer answered after walking in the wilderness of the desert for the past months. Traveling expenses for next year's CNY trip solved too.

' Take my five loaves and two fishes do with it as You will, I surrender. Take my fears and my inhibitions all my burdens and ambitions, You can use it all to feed them all. No gift is too small.' - 5 loaves and 2 fishes, Corrinne May


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