Monday, January 03, 2011

F i r s t

The very first post since the beginning of the year 2011. Another fresh start. No, I have no new year resolutions but I do have what wishes and hopes. Resolutions sounds too hard to understand in my dictionary. I prefer terms that are more child-like and innocent.

My first morning of the year begins in a very chaotic manner, all thanks to my new friend-Iphone 4. Why did it not ring and wake me up on time? One moment before, I was singing in the choir in my dream and just in a split second I heard a voice whispering to me. So, I sprang from my bed heading straight to the bathroom. Its another typical morning to most of us but I felt something special. It must be that voice, I thought. Till now, I still find it magical. What if I didn't wake up on time? I could have miss the first funeral mass in year 2011. Definitely a memorable experience for me, having to end my year with a funeral and to start a new year with a funeral mass to attend. A touching and beautiful funeral, especially with the Ave Maria in A Minor by Giulio Caccini. Well, another soul returning home and we should rejoice over it. If life is short, then why don't we live it to the fullest? ..

Never to lose hope.
What else can you be if all your hopes are gone?

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