Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I wanna



My favourite word. I'm not gonna recall and blog all the headaches that happened last week because its not worth thinking. No point ranting and complaining as it only stains my blog with dirty marks that I wish to erase with all my might. I'm glad that i've stood up for myself, seriously speaking.. where on earth did i 'pluck' my courage from?

Sometimes I wonder ..
Even the best of the best fall ..
friends turn to foes
Love ones disappoint you

Because .. we are not perfect.

I want to rely on someone that I can really count on.
That someone will keep his promises
never disappoints me
back me up for whatever challenges i'm facing
After 21 years of searching...
I've found the answer.


This is the best gift of all. ( Don't get me wrong, I'm still single and available, Winks*)

Thank you my Lord.

My dearest sis is back from Taiwan with whole loads of snacks, apparels and accessories. Yay! ..Hopefully I'll be able to visit Taiwan again next summer. She bought me a Anna Sui's products, a nice grey bag and my favourite magazines.. She knows what exactly I want.. after all we are sisters. Love her to bits!

The 3 friends having a wonderful time at Wheelock's Big O.. accompanied by my favourite Spike D and brownies.

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