Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just for some laughters

This was a pre-take off announcement on the china southern flight :

“Good afternoon, Ladies and the German. This is your cheap purser Wang Lui speaking. On behalf of ChinaSudden Airlines, I would like to welcome you on board our Bowling 737 from Shenzhen to Qingtao. Members of my crew speak Chinese and other languages that you do not know. It is a great pressure serving you to-die. Should you need any resistance during the fright, peace do pest the call button. I and my gals are available to make you feel comfortable. Meanwhile, the airkwaft is going to fry. Peace sit upright and keep you belt tightly fastened until dinner is served at five dirty p.m. Hope you would enjoy your fright with us. Funk kill.” (thank you)

I was laughing my ass off when I saw the 'pressure serving you to-die'. She made me feel like I've entered a pirate ship if i ever fly with the airline. LOL. Anyway, I'm so proud of myself that i've managed to cook a meal for myself and my sister. Today's lunch includes: Garlic Butter Rice, Saba Fish, Ngoh Hiang and dumpling soup. Then I realized I've been eating non-stop for the whole of the afternoon.Went up to Wei Fen's house with Sze Gee to bake some muffins. It was my first time baking muffins though and it all went well because of the two experts. haha. ( oh yea, there are a few chao-da (burnt) ones during the second round of baking but overall, our efforts are well paid off! =]) Tasted SG's homemade chawanmushi and i must say it was YUMMY.. I was super bloated after the chawanmushi and a few muffins so... i'm drinking my hot Japanese green tea to cut down the carbs and calories or whatever extra nutrients that adds on my weight.

K boxing was fun yesterday with the two lovely ladies that i've dated. Haha. SG drove us to Jurong Safra for the ktv session. I was attracted to the building's exterior design, I guess it was meant to be environment friendly with lotsa greeneries as adornments. Back to the Ktv session, was reminiscing our secondary school days Idols.. the most prominent one was S.H.E. We were once the hardcore fans of S.H.E... if i'm not wrong, we're able to memorise the entire album's songs when we were schooling and we'll find any opportunity to sing them together. The kind of school days that I can never have a second time in my life. Thinking of that, I wonder why schooling has to be so difficult and problematic in my school. Why things are always so screwed up as we're getting older? ...

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