Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recollection (1)

Found my long lost Pei Chun School Choir CD yesterday night. Bought this disc when I was in my Primary school choir. Seriously speaking.. I miss those days when i'm singing in School's choir. Summer camps, SYF, outings, visiting conductor's house for practices..... Joined the choir as my CCA when I was in Primary 3, there were about 100 of us when we entered our first SYF central judging competition and we've done the school proud by getting a gold medal for the very first time and since then, we were invited to perform for the public, places like CHIJMES, Marina Mandarin for Rotary club.. etc...

As I enter my teenage years, I've tried other CCAs but none suits me either except CHOIR. I used to think having to attend practices was a waste of time, I didn't bother to attend them weekly and resulted a big lost. I lost my titles of being a Soprano sectional leader and also was sacked by Peer support leader (PSLs) community. Initially I thought it was great because i've got the freedom after school for not getting involve with any other activities..

I was so wrong and I started to realized those wrong moves that I've been through when I was in my last year of my secondary school life. Singing is never so fun before!! I can never forget the year of hard work that the choir and the conductor have invested for the SYF central judging... we've won the very first silver medal for our school which most of us thought it was a impossible dream.

Chariot's coming is few of my favourite childhood choir songs and it's another wonderful version of 'Swing low, Sweet Chariot'.

Chariot's Comin'

(Swing Low, Sweet Chariot)

I've got a home waitin' in the heavenly kingdom
Upwhere the streets are paved with gold
And someday I'll know I'll be
Heading for the Heavenly Kingdom
With a Chariot to carry me home

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Comin' for to carry me home
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Comin' for to carry me home

Looked over Jordan and what did I see
Comin' for to carry me home
A shiny golden chariot waitin' there for me
Its gonna carry me home

My day is comin' as sure as can be
comin' for to carry me carry me home
I heard a band of angels callin' out to me
They're gonna carry me home

( Do turn off my playlist if you're intending to listen to this wonderful song.)


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Out with Sis Fiona( another Kopi Xian) to Tampines One last week before sending our cousin to Czechoslovakia for work.

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