Sunday, August 02, 2009

First August

Supposed to be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium attending the annual Festival of praise together with Sis Fiona, the both of us ended up at Vivo shopping and dining with my parents. I've got a big accomplishment today though..Hmmms, felt great after jotting all my lovely experiences down and I hope those are a good testimonies to my descendants. =D

'Get down the car la.. quick!'...

There goes my all time favourite Charles and Keith sandal.... Its crippled and I've gotten another pair of new sandal right after my dinner. I'm having shoe crisis now, more shoes please! ..

RECENT HAPPENINGS: ION has got great deals dear ones! ..Excited to max! Particularly love 'rubi shoes' because they've got reasonably priced trendy shoes for sale. (btw, they are owned by Cotton On) .. My girls and I went gaga over the Steve Madden shoe boutique at ION! and and and..the two floors Topshop and ZARA have got much more new designs. SMILE LADIES!

ION;Our new shopping paradise DEFINITELY!

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