Friday, September 25, 2009

Eventic's life

This is gonna be a short post... i'm rushing to finish my sketches for tml's class. Taking a short break to prevent further brain block. I've been feeling very frustrated these few days coz' there's not much advancement in my work. Last weekend was a total waste for me. Its like i'm going round and round the circle instead of running a straight path... This is what i call' floating in the vacuum' syndrome.

Our study trip is confirmed. Finally. 4 more months to go for some decent shopping trips and sightseeing.

I'll be very busy for the whole of this week. In fact, I will be busy or even busier for the next 9 months. =/

We were invited by auntie Betty for a gospel in Chinese at Qian Xi Lou, Civil service club about a month ago..

Attended Covenant Evangelical Free church's 31st anniversary celebration at suntec city last month. Happening performances and impactful sharing sessions which took my faith to a whole new level.

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