Friday, October 02, 2009

Inspirations. October 2

She's Eva, she looks gorgeous in this outfit.
I was attracted by her facial features and her
hair. Such an interesting combination.

Credits: The

Okay, this was my first attempt on draping. This is the very first time that the school actually planned a draping class for the BA Fashion marketing students. Why didn't we learn it earlier, feel I'm lagging behind the design students. The design was provided by our lecturers and we've got to drape it accordingly. Well, it's manageable once you got a hang of it.

You gotta try this out at ION! Its the creme de la creme of all tako balls in town.
I can guarantee that! Intro by Karinda and Shermaine.


Had a tiring day in school and also a lousy afternoon, not because of work.
It all scales down to the heart, the mind about a person.
As humans, I'm not perfect too.
at least I have a sincere heart for my friends
and I'm learning to be more graceful day by day.
the mind is filled with other negative motives,
the trust will be destroyed eventually.

An article that I read from the bulletin from the Church of St Mary of the angels by Fr. John Wong, OFM

'' A few weeks ago, I spoke about the quintessentially Singapore '5Cs' in one of my Sunday homilies. Sometimes, I suspect that the real '5Cs' may really be


Here in Singapore, we love to compare ourselves with others and like to think that we could be better. We compete with them to prove to ourselves and to the world that we have 'made it'. We don't like to blame ourselves for anything, and so instead, we occupy ourselves with complaining about, criticizing and condemning others.''

THIS IS VERY TRUE. I need to do a reflection about it.

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