Wednesday, December 09, 2009


We spent the good three hours going round and round people's park shopping complex searching for the right tour packages for our CNY trip. Despite all the time spent, there's still no conclusion.
I would opt for Free and Easy tours instead of the package ones. Because of our personal reasons, we're stucked in nowhere. My sis proposed to set off for our CNY trip right after my study trip. That's kinda crazy. I'll definitely suffer from jet-lag. =[
Anyway, we'll leave this to God to decide.

I'll be spending most of the time planning and preparing my schedules for next semester this week. Also, will be going for the H1N1 flu jab very soon.. should I also take the normal flu jab as well? Hmmms..


Eating out with my dearest.. they are well known for their crab meat xiao long bao. Trust me, the crab meat xiao long bao is way better than the normal pork xiao long bao. Seriously speaking, the xiao long baos sold at Shanghai's Cheng Huang Miao were not as good as I thought it should be when I first tasted it few years back, maybe because I can't appreciate vinegar on my xiao long baos. The Ja Jiang Mian is comparable with Imperial Kitchen's, worth trying too.


job said...

ooo where's e xiao long bao restaurant??

Adrielle said...

Hi there..

its at the second level of bugis junction, Singapore.. Nan Xiang man tou dian. =]