Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shoo shoo Shooes

Been wanting to get new shoes for ages...... Its always hard to get something that you are looking for when you're in serious search for it, the rationale behind this problem is:
HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Sigh. Kinda hard to find a real stylish and nice shoes during my trip-oops, pardon me.. I thought of sharing my shopping experiences than talking all about the sight seeing places I've been ... just can't get enough of shopping in UK. Hence, yours sincerely here is very inspired by the shopping scene there.. FASHION, FOOD, FUN...

Blame my eyes for not working hard enough to find any stylish heels within my budget during the shopping trips. Anyway, forget about that.. at least I've got myself a damn cheap Sandals from Primark as well as the brown sandals from H&M for my dad. I was quite disappointed with Hong Kong's H&M, went in to the Tsim Sha Tsui's outlet last month and bought a pair of black flats close to SGD50.. I should have brought that pair in London's H&M duh! For sure, everything goes up when shipped overseas. XX

Grey Sandals: PRIMARK, Oxford Circus
Brown Sandals for Men: H&M, Oxford Circus
Lowry's farm inspired boots: Shoe boutique at Paris Metro station near Champs Elysees
( From Top right hand corner)

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