Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its Spring/Summer ...


Think pastels and nude. The color palette for this season really rock my socks off! Thats why I've got myself 2 Longchamp totes in pale pink at Printemps in Paris Airport last month. I find myself a weirdo these days.. or I should say I'm turning to be a little more quirky? Starting to appreciate unconventional objects subconsciously. Right now, in this point of time, this minute, this hour, this second... i'm under tremendous stress. After much reflections, realized that I've been slogging like crazy, working like a robot to where I am now. WHY? Hmmms..If hope is born from suffering, I'll hope.

Love this piece from River Island, a touch of quirkiness to the pretty pastel tones.

Silk dress from H&M
Purple gold buckle belt from H&M
Sandals from Primark

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