Monday, April 19, 2010

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler Je ne veux pas djeuner Je veux seulement t'oublier Et puis je fume.

Been humming this french song for the entire night cos'

I don't want to work,
I don't want to lunch
I only want to forget and so I smoke.

( That's the English translation for the French version)

haha. I don't smoke anyway, my course has zapped all my energy away.
It worst than ' after effect of smoking'
can't you imagine?
How many sleepless nights?

Alright, alright... I know I'll be fine after next month.

1 comment:

wintermoon said...

was that song from the movie "An Education?" I love it too! =)