Monday, July 05, 2010

Hey, thats my Cuckoo clock!

In case you're wondering what are all these for? Well, they were the stuffs that I've been messing around with previously. Drew inspirations from country cottage living for my major honours collection and so.. did lotsa research that surround the topic of country cottage living.

Mood Board ( Actual size: A1) This board took me hours to finish.

Did experiment with silk screen printing, one of the fabric manipulation method. Okay, the color looks scary- RED. Decided to change the color after knowing that the color haunts my lecturer at night.

Another manipulation method, I've used all sorts of buttons and trimmings to fill the cuckoo clock. The actual results varies from the ones below, did some last minute adjustments- added buttons that I've bought in V&A museum in London.

The cuckoo clock on the right looks kinda stupid. It was suggested by my sis. An idea of a digital cuckoo clock. Anyway, did that for fun.


Looking forward for the food and fun fair on August 1 that was organized by our parish and WE, part of the RCIA team are going to set up a food stall selling Hot dogs. I'm in charge of the signage and visual displays! Finally, I get to do something.

What do I want in life?

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