Sunday, July 04, 2010

Whats next by the way?

I see the morning glory
It winds upon the tree
It tells the untold story of how things were meant to be
You saw the universe
Caught up in desperate dreams
You came and changed the ending
Changed it to save my fate
You led the revolution
You left your legacy
Embraced the struggle
in the face of mortality
I know I'm not alone in this
Help me believe

I can be free
I can be free from this place
Beautiful healer
Beautiful grace
Help me to see
Everything fall into place
Wake me from dreaming
No more deceiving
Break these chains

'Free' from Corrinne May

So inspiring and beautiful.
I'm more of a visual person and more than often, forgetting that beauty does not only involves in the things I see, it could be otherwise.. ya, I'm counting my blessings now. Been thinking, dreaming, planning about my future career these days that I guess those thoughts are turning me paranoid. Of course, I'm also afraid that I'll take the wrong steps and might end up with countless regrets but there's always a part of me fighting for my dreams and thats when my 'family will take it as unrealistic dreams. ' ting, you are always in your lala-land!'
I'm an optimist.

There's always pros- and cons when you're making a decision right? Ahhh.
I've many interests, so much so that I'm blurred by them, so I'm picking up my courage to figure out what's the best of my interests and last but not least- to be a happy being to spread my peace and happiness to others!. SHALOM! XXXX.

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