Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do I mean by I.M.PERFECTION? Read on and you'll know. Its an intimate wear collection that was inspired by country cottage living, one of my alternative collection while doing my major honours collection. I'm so inspired by the dreamy mood of some of the inspirations pictures that I've found online so why don't I design something else besides the day wear for women. This collection was done in a rush by the way.. I've decided not to edit so as I will be able to compare my current to my future works. It motivates me some way or rather.

Mood board- It was done in an A2 mounting board. Some of the pictures were covered with a layer of tracing paper to give a more blurry-dreamy effect.
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So whats the message I want to bring across in this collection for all women? The real beauty comes from your inner-self, it will exude all that special aura you've got naturally in a subtle manner.


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