Friday, July 23, 2010

Visuals for each Individuals.

A visual tour to my future concept store. An overall artist impression on the 2nd floor of the shop house at Holland Village, was designed by me and one of my friend, Aaron. It was actually the space of the previous vendor, Anthropology. This concept store was designed for trendy urban ladies who's always seeking for an escapade. Therefore, the concept store is actually a cafe cum a exhibition space. About the brand name Pre;elude, derived from the word Prelude but I wanted to present a different meaning out of the original word.. thus I added the semi colon and separated Pre and Elude.. so both words created a brand new meaning, which is - a moment before happiness.

Another level up the store, a wardrobe replica of the trendy urbanites I should say. Spent quite a few modifying things here and there before I could actually see the final product. Always attracted by beautiful window displays, so most of the time I will be glued in-front of those pretty displays for at least 5 minutes studying, marveling at those props and mannequins used.
I'm just very amazed on those window displays in London and Paris. It is because of space constraint that we seldom see good, attractive window displays around locally? I really wonder..

Ask a local fashion student about their point of view when they're asked to take window displays locally. From the interviews conducted with my fellow fashion warriors, it was as if you were trying to steal something from them even though you're not touching any of their merchandises. So, I'm not sure why is that so.. perhaps there's some culture difference. Before we say HELLO to autumn/winter 2010-11, below are few of my likings from Seoul and Hong Kong.


Zara- South Korea, Seoul

H&M, South Korea, Seoul

Concept Store: Serie Loo, South Korea, Seoul

H&M- Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

Chanel, Hong Kong

Agnes B, Hong Kong

Agnes B, Hong Kong

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Pre;elude is damn awesomeeeeee :D i wanna slack there whole day :D makes one happy! heehee!