Friday, July 16, 2010

Recollection 0.1: East and West

Some eye candies for the lonely. Happened to meet this young and pretty Parisian outside a bookstore near the Louvre museum. She was so extremely sweet and friendly when we stopped her for direction and went an extra mile to answer all our questions on some dining and shopping tips. So simple and nice.

Another Parisian with her dog caught my eyes at the entrance of Printemps. There's always a special aura that radiates the Parisian women and their dogs. I'm always very excited to see puppies running around the malls of Paris!


The official Hong Kong Disneyland uniform. The silhouette just strikes me so, recalled my country cottage collection for my first outfit and... they look kinda similar. Oh my.. kind of like the checkered skirt though.

Where shall I head next?

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