Thursday, July 15, 2010

The truth that kept me smiling

Those are my favourite Muji snacks in conclusion after trying out a few other cakes and snacks.
Spotted that pack of doll sponge cake the other day and my immediate reaction was 'HEY, IS'NT THAT MY FAVOURITE CARTOON CHARACTER?!' woah, I must give it a try!.. It took me some days to realize something after finishing the whole pack alone that particular shape should resemble something else instead of that cartoon character- Atashinchi's mother. So, guess what does it resemble?

A CRAB, I suppose.
If you don't agree, go and get one pack to examine yourself. HAHA.
Photo credit: (Left,

The best of the best marshmallow that I've ever tasted-strawberry flavoured marshmallow with strawberry chocolate filling!.


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