Friday, August 27, 2010

Glimpse of Hollywood Glamour

What's the instant way for people living in Asia to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood glamour? Universal Studio after hours! .. With that very 5 bucks, you'll be dining in one of those themed restaurants savouring away all the scrumptious dishes right in front of your going-to-pop-out eyes. Ahaha. That's a nice way to breakaway and rejuvenate yourself other than to travel overseas for a short break.
My family and I did enjoy the night spent there; especially the new york street ,where the hustle and bustle are just right and enjoyable. Its a no wonder we could actually sat on the stairs, watching the crowds for almost an hour.
Everyone was crowding around that area around the man-made lake, it was as if you're watching the National Day Parade's performance..waiting patiently for that 5 minutes fireworks. Ya, as there's always this saying by the locals-'what you pay is what you get'. True enough, its after all
another clever marketing tactic used to attract more crowds. xxxx


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