Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time flies?

Was at the newly built Youth Olympic Park and we saw that legendary Olympic flame that flew all the way from Greece to Singapore. Scroll up to the fifth picture and zoom in if you need to.


To me, 'Time' don't fly. Its too slow to even fly. They are as good as the speed of light, fast and silent. Stealing away our youth, our energy.. also, it marks our worst and best moments that our brain could hold. I've been out most of the time this week and its gonna be a busy week for me. My busy days are no longer miserable, life-less and torturous.. but a lively and meaningful one. That said, I am finally enjoying what I am doing now.. even to the smallest chores ever. It feels like I've just got up from my worst nightmare-for-now. (I hope that's my last worst nightmare).. Haha. My fingers are clicking on the camera shutters more than I am blogging now. Can't wait to share my wonderful outing experiences exploring my little red dot hometown, Singapore.

Free bird, you're free to fly anywhere but to know your limits.

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