Wednesday, August 11, 2010


'How's your day been?' .... a simple and comfortable question that I'll normally ask. It's the good friend of 'HELLO' because that question always comes after your greetings. Instead of me trying to tell my thoughts, feelings through a-chunk-of-long-winded-words-and-messages.. I love to tell them by my pictures. See them through a spectrum of colours and you'll be able to tell. Is'nt it a fun thing to do? Say YES if you're a visual person! ... With my kind-of -new clogs ( which I've bought them few months ago for my fashion show), I've decided to capture it's beauty while they are still fashionable during this summer. Hmmm, I wanted the clogs to sort of synchronize with the whole mood of the picture with a different approach. So instead of a zealous smile, this time round with a more casual and laid back poses. I guess I'm not in a very good mood of smiling that day, so yea.. that's the most honest produce. However, don't get me wrong.. I'm still another cheerful soul that loves to interact with many other interesting people around. xxxxx

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