Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closer to paradise...

In case you are wondering, who's my thumbelina sis.. there she is! .. the petite lady in a blue top.
Why thumbelina? first of all, she's petite, girly and she likes to cuddle in her bed with a pile of pillows that could actually cover her entirely. er, maybe she's more like a cocoon? Anyway, three of us are the PURRRFECT reversed DO RE MI arrangement.

So, the three of us each had a very long nick name that reflects our characters, the good and the bad. I've got one that goes like this ... SPYDY, which derives from 'SPIDER'. Care for a fight? Haha.

Well, three of us really treasure the time we spent together.. especially NOW. Still considered young and energetic, free from lotsa unnecessary worries. We'll normally go for food trails nowadays besides the love-hate shopping trips that will always burn a hole in our pockets. XXX

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