Friday, September 03, 2010

10 retrospections

The eagerness to learn more about other heritages....
hopefully will root me to be a more cultured person.

Glittery shoes on a super sunny day brightens my day, subconsciously.

Singapore Arts Festival Lanterns hanging on the roofs of Attap Huts?
A nice combination.

I guess it feels good to break fast after a long day, it always worth
the celebration. - Stretch of Malay Food stalls surrounding Istana
Kampong Glam.

An icy sweet treat after surviving the heat with Nutella flavoured
ice-cream. I'm already screaming for it.! Ahhh..!

The best Mee Goreng that I've ever, ever tasted.
Seriously... I've bookmarked it into my brain under the folder of food directory.

White. That's my favourite black that will always stay classic.

Photo frames, Whites and Icy soda to stay cool and classic.

Haji Lane, the narrowest street in Singapore.

The new used books and albums store around in Haji Lane that brings
me back to the good old kiddy days with some of the lifestyle products, albums
and books.

Next stop, ?


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