Thursday, September 09, 2010

Clarke Quay through my lens

Didn't know Clarke Quay can be as colourful especially when Mid Autumn Festival arrives. Seems more like a Chinese new year celebration from far. Time for Mooncakes, lantern and a candle party! .. What shall I do this year? ........... I remembered, quite vividly that I'll turn to a super hyper kid on Mid- Autumn evening while I was in my primary school days. Running around like a young monkey with candles on my hands, turning round and round with my sparkles, trying to burn things like plastics,leaves and even... caterpillars. Oh no. I feel so sorry for what I've did in the past.

I guess the only morally-right thing that I've did for all the past mid-autumn night was to form a heart shape with my candles and I'll drag my mum and dad to see my master piece of that night. Deep down my childish mind during the days, I knew that very heart I've created were dedicated for them.. always. I can't promise forever to them though, but I can promise that to the one who freely, gracefully gave me an eternal life from the beginning of time. Thank you, Lord.


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