Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something Worth Pondering

Last week, I was called up for an interview with an established fashion label dealing with luxury goods and apparel. The whole interviewing process and the description of the job scope clearly, undeniably reminds me of poor Andrea working for Miranda in the movie ' The Devil wears Prada'. Don't get it wrong, that position was not from Prada....After attending various interviews, it made me realize how realistic and demanding the world is. I was overwhelmed at first, seriously.. it took me sometime to adjust myself not according to the wants of the world but, the truth of my faith.. wills of my Heavenly Father. Through all these vigorous interviews, I've come to a conclusion that these are the passing phase in life and solutions that could help me to understand myself.. truly. I've lost myself in a sea of wants for the past few years, blurring the goal in my life somehow or rather. After turning rounds and rounds in that fanciful circle, I've decided to take that one big step out.

Why covet over things that will eventually damage conscience and lose oneself in that beautifully illusion-ed circle? ......

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