Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Polka Dot effect

When I was 10, no more am I wondering in the toys department... that's the age where toys lost their magical moments in my heart and that's where I've started to ransack Thumbelina's Sis wardrobe for pretty clothes! Then on, Dino was 'abandoned' by me and left to play her kitchen set along with other kids in the mall while Thumbelina sis and I sped off like flashes to the women apparel department, fishing out the best buys. Wow.. and I remembered me having Polka dots stuffs since young... ranging from head to toe. So I guess polka dot print are considered as one of a classic in fashion, which is comparable to the houndstooth checks. No, in fact I find Polka dot print makes one looks younger and bubbly! ... That Polka dot skirt which I got it from Zara stays one of my wardrobe favourite pieces.. and now you know why it is! ... Okay, Reminds me of the Cath Kidston's Navy Polka Dot Passport cover which I got it for Thumbelina Sis in London's Pop-up store during my UK trip. I miss London, I miss Laduree Pastries and Macarons, I miss the little cottage that I've stayed in Huddersfield, I miss my fashion Cohort... Shall tour Europe again in the near future. +++

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