Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dior Glam

Digital Memento taken by the photo booth

14.10.10 was the big day for Dior as the big and established fashion house threw her grand opening fashion party at Marina Bay Sands that very night. It went all the way to past midnight with two fabulous fashion shows- mainly the Fall/Winter 2010 and cruise 2010 collection! It was the first ever biggest and kinda private event held at Marina Bay Sands Plaza. I was invited along with two of my fashion friends to the big fashion party that night. The dress code for that night was Dior Glam, also referring to cocktail dresses. (Christian Dior was the first to use the term' Cocktail Dress' during late 1940s.) We were guided by the security guards to the long pathway leading us to Dior boutiques which were specially enclosed for the event guests. How nice! There were already a short queue for registration upon reaching before entering the boutiques.

The two Dior boutiques were crowded with local celebrities such as Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Chen Han Wei, Tay Ping Hui, VJ Utt, Andrea De Cruz... and many more... Took a round trip in the boutiques and were ushered up to the huge tentage at the plaza. There's this small particular section at Dior Women Department, reminded me of the big garden like scene that I saw in Paris Dior boutique few months ago. I guess it must be the space constraint that the local boutique could not afford such a pretty and royal garden-like ambience. Ahh, I'm captivated by Dior Homme's shirts,bags and high cut shoes, again.

That very moment, once we've stepped out of the escalator.. dozens of media crew, camera man and flashes were on their stand by waiting for the arrival of famous celebrities such as Vicki Zhao Wei and Fann Wong to grace the event. Waited for about an hour before the first fashion showcase which started at about 10pm sharp. International Chinese Supermodels like Liu Wen and Du Juan were on the runway too, The two shows were fantastic! I'm in love with the fabrics used in the Cruise Collection, supposed to be pretty-like-a-barbie-doll look. You've got to imagine Barbie on the cruise!

Not forgetting technology, there were a few cool and pretty gadgets that could keep us occupied for sometime. The mirror-like photo taking booth and the digital story book that tells the history of Dior. They're fun!. Event Organizers and fashion labels are now getting more and more tech savvy. As for now, let's hope for another big and fun fashion event to be up soon in the local fashion scene soon.

Digital Story book
Daisy and Natalia with Ex-MTV VJ, Nadya Hutagalung.
Dior Cruise Collection 2010

Dior Autumn/Winter 2010-11

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