Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Canticle of the sun

Another new beginning....

I'm back to mess with music! ... This time round a vocalist for our parish's new ministry- to sing for for weddings. Why? ... to also bless the newly wed couples! .. I haven't been singing for quite a while and thank God that I can still managed to hit high notes and yeap, I'm in Sop 1 =]. Initially I thought I might have lotsa problems and for twice during the audition, I sounded like screeching tyres. Oh my! .. Most probably because I've yet to warm my voice up. Hahaha. I'm excited to see beautiful brides and handsome bridegrooms walking down the aisle with their blessings from God and their friends and love ones.

A joyous and contemporary liturgical hymn commonly used in wedding
matrimony.-Canticle of the Sun

Dino sis, Thumbelina sis and her fiancé.....
(I wanna sing for them during their wedding day!)

Inspired by bride hand bouquet


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