Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where's my gift?

'There are so many opportunities to serve... Choose the opportunities which bring the most joy to your heart. That is where your gifts lie.' Its so true! From now till December, I'm gonna be a busy-body... not that I wanna be an irritating fella but .. to be involved in a series of meaningful community works, retreats.. and the list goes on. Something just strikes me hard and it motivated me to serve others after a meet up with one of my fashion warrior.

Birthday- What do you expect for your birthday? Gifts from your loved ones, friends??

My fashion warrior girl-friend did what she could during her birthday by buying...(hmms..) perhaps few dozens of burgers with her and distributed it personally to the little hungry children wandering on the busy streets of Indonesia, trying to earn a living by strumming their little guitar. Imagine this - draannng! draanng draang! .. ( hands out for you to give them money).

What if I am one of them?

This friend of mine shared with me a wonderful story of her friend whom had a different understanding and perspective of her birthday and it really waked me up just as 'September ends'. Is'nt giving better than receiving? Its a YES! for me.. and when I give, I hope I'll give it wholeheartedly. Something to be happy about... =]

What's your 'things to be happy about' about? haha


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