Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prairie girl gone wild

Dress: Vintage lookalike, bought 3 to 4 years ago.
Bag: From Bangkok
Vest: bYSI
Belt: bYSI
Shoe: From Taiwan

Its not about vintage nor looking pretty. All I wanted is to open myself to another dimension where I could discover much more possibilities in terms of the styles of my dressing and my personalities. What else can I say for this S/S 11? It's chaotic. People are trying very hard nowadays to differentiate themselves from one another. That's where you'll have neon colors clashing on one another, prints overlapping and lotsa good old animal prints coming up. Fresh in a way. I'll love to be an unique prairie girl this summer that could better appreciate wild ideas and clashing tones that could possibly bring out a beautiful picture in the end.

Let us not forget about what happened to Japan on 10th March 2011. May our prayers help the afflicted, whom are undergoing a series of great sufferings. -God hears and answers, always- not in our way but His.

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