Friday, March 25, 2011

Destruction, a new start.

It's been a while now since the lost of my entire facebook and email accounts. Devastating? Nah, more of being irritating. Buh-bye with all my photos from my previous facebook account and Hello to my brand new profile. Seeing things from the positive side always make things easier, that means to say that I've got a new set of friend list. Life's been exciting for me including this- a memorable one at least. There's always give and take, pros and cons in this imperfect world. I don't believe in being a perfectionist. Look at all the flaws in our human life, look at how sinful are we? Always tempted by the evil ones with bad intentions in our minds. To me, being a perfectionist is telling God that he/she want to be equally perfect as God and hence, lord it over yourself. No offense, this is something that I need to reflect about too. I mean everyone wants to be realistic, so in this realistic world, even economy can falter any time. What about us? Mere skeletons on earth?

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