Sunday, March 27, 2011


Coffee at Marmalade Pantry, Cappuccino and
marmalade carrot cake.
Dino Sis had injured her ankle 2 weeks ago and she's
on her way to recovery.

Saturday, yet another busier day for me. So much things to do, errands to run but miraculously I did enjoy each and every moment. Feels like we're all mentality 'alive' only during the weekends. A sad reality though. No, I want my weekdays to be filled with the same kind of liveliness as well! And my exploration starts next week with a whole new perspective.

My kind of Saturday starts with a frantic morning with guilty thoughts of waking up late for an appointment, popping in a tablet of primrose oil and 3 oreos biscuits before dashing out with my new friend, the studded wedge. Its visual therapy again I guess.

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