Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fashion we called our own

Another trip to the national museum for the 'Singapore 1960' exhibition got me into countless imaginations. The entrance stood a huge neon light sign board that looks more like a Ge tai show (you can always google the meaning of Ge tai if you're unsure =]), waiting to bring me back to the swinging sixties.. where the night clubs known as the 'World' came alive and regional singers with their stunning albums that almost overthrew the world of Ge tai..... I missed out the fun back in those days but was happy that I could actually study that decade in a consolidated manner in the museum.

Paused for a moment and it reads, 'Cover of Her World Magazine...' that's amazing. I didn't know that the Kebaya can be that fashionable during that time. So I guess, the legendary Sarong Kebaya was once the fashion that we called our own. As fashion comes and goes, perhaps the beautifully crafted Malayan traditional outfit already been classified as a classic. The display of the series of Sarong Kebaya ( middle and right) are the exhibits of Singapore 1960s, whereas the left Kebaya are from the Singapore fashion gallery. The Sarong Kebaya- already worn by local women for about 190 years ago and was revolutionized in 1960 to a sophisticated high slit and modern Kebaya. So, inspirations come and go.. I took what was good home and dug out the Sarong Kebaya that my mum made for herself 30 years ago. I was quite happy that I could actually squeezed into that tiny waisted costume. Ah ha, mum said that her waist was about 23 inches back then and so that Kebaya was made according to her size. I considered myself fortunate that I do not have to go through the hardships that she had experienced while she's in her teenage years. But, there's definitely other things that I wish I could participate back then.

Aren't they pretty?

Fancy a cup of Kopi-O

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