Thursday, July 15, 2010

Testing 1 2 3 !

Didn't know that Leica's digital camera can take wonderful photos!! Those pictures below this entry are all taken from Claudia's new toy. Cool ya? The leather camera casing is an 'new' vintage.. hmmms... working towards my goal of getting another camera- DSLR. I guess thats the new toy everyone has been raving about nowadays. I shall blog about my dad's photography treasure box someday, then you'll get to see the difference between the NOW photography skills and the DATED ones. I really wanna thank my Dad that I've inherited his passion for photography. Back then, photographers used alot of special techniques to create different photo effects without the aid of computers/photoshop. I could still remember that most of my toddler photos were with a very dreamy effect. Ahh...

I look as if I'm going to puke. Okay,
impromptu shot!

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