Friday, August 20, 2010

Things to do

Now, I'm living my life as a local tourist in my country. I'm having adventures to discover my country in another perspective that probably our foreign friends might not be able to realize. What's next on my island-wide travel list? ..

Let me consolidate my scribblings into a decent organizer first.

My second visit to Changi Chapel and Museum, I would say it is a hidden find. A small museum with a small chapel that tells the history of the Japanese occupation in Singapore. A rather solemn place to be.. Alternatively, you can always choose not to visit the museum.. but the cafe beside the museum for yummy chicken wings and beer in the evening after a long humid day!


Perhaps its time for me to get a thicker organizer to better track and plan future meetings. I've got at least 3 small notepads with random scribblings and notes, seen lying around my table and in few of my bags. These small little notepads are evidence of my my heck -it attitude. Surprisingly, it took me so long to realize that incorrigible character that has been hiding in me.
Time for a change. Change is good. Change is inevitable in our lives and I like that. I'm going for changes that could lead and develop myself into a stronger believer in positive thinking.

For now, there's so much to accomplish just because I don't want to waste my youth. Besides food trails and museum trips, I'm now on the move around the island to search for inspirations in many areas of our lives. That's where I've discovered that I'm actually a person whom aspire to inspire others in almost anything. Er, positive ones! people ...haha. Hopefully I'll be able to live my aspiration big someday. Till then!

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